#10 In this case, it IS your business


Everyday, facilities used for commercial use such as business buildings, schools, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and restaurants use an abundance of water.  Within this water usage, a typical office uses around fifty litres of water, per full-time employee per day.

There are a variety of changes that can be introduced or made within your workplace such as:

  • Educating fellow employees about their water footprint and the following ways in which they can reduce theirs. A simple solution can entail a paper-free office, with a push to online services that counteract paper use such as emailing and google documents.
  • Affix water saving, taps, showers and toilets throughout the buildings.
  • When disposing technological devices such as laptops, phones and ipads etc. Make sure you are disposing them in an environmentally friendly manner. Take a look at Apple’s recycling initiative that takes care of old devices.

One Central Park in Chippendale, Sydney is an amazing site that affords to maintaining a sustainable environment that is eco-friendly.

All of these changes within your workplace will effectively, reduce expenses and energy usage, increase your property value and enhance your work environment that will become a space that thrives off water conservation.

Climate change cannot be resolved, however, your water footprint can – so it’s up to you to make that change that our climate needs!



12 thoughts on “#10 In this case, it IS your business

  1. tessapollock3 says:

    I wouldn’t have considered my personal footprint to include my personal water use outside my home! Which is silly now I think about it, but businesses must have a huge water expense so it’s in their favour to encourage their employees to take on your tips!


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